Survey Design Realization

The analysis of the spaces and environments is essential to create a functional “project” for a public place. Our interior designers perform an inspection at the local, and carry out the survey in order to formulate a functional and aesthetic plan that is consistent both with the needs of the customer and the spaces available.

The technical staff prepares a “project” tailored to the goals, desires and needs of the customer. Defined the project, the designers,using programs for graphic, 3D modelling and processing, develop schedules of the furnishings and a map of the place completed with all its elements. Linea Zappa assignment may include:
_the drafting of the plan of the local;
_an examination and study of plant;
_the choice and arrangement of furniture and its components;
_the study of furniture and accessories, also custom-made;
_development of working drawings;
_the definition of the finish of the furniture;
_the study of lights;
_the study of materials for insulation and energy savings;
_the study of safety systems;
_compliance with the rules on the project to overcome architectural barriers.

Linae zappa provides furniture, equipments, and accessories required. The custom-made furniture are produced by skilled craftsmen with attention to every detail. The elements that make standard and custom furnishings are controlled by Lineazappa and pre-assembled in order to verify their compliance to the project. Qualified assembler eliver and install the furniture while Linea zappa coordinates the technical teams present on site and verify the success of the work.